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  • Category: David Eccles School of Business
  • Description: Salt Lake City is the economic hub of the Outdoor Industry in North America. The Eccles Outdoor Industry Club, housed in the David Eccles School of Business, leverages our geographic location and access to this robust ecosystem to look at strategic business issues through the lens of the outdoor industry. Students will use frameworks learned in the classroom to discuss and analyze the issues facing local Outdoor Industry companies. After a thorough discussion, students will attend site visits to these companies and hear, first hand, how current leaders in the Outdoor Industry are making decisions in this highly competitive space. The goal of this club is to use the outdoor industry to understand how the market and industry forces shape the strategic choices made by executive leadership on a daily basis. The club will also promote engagement in outdoor activities by the membership.
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    • Business
    • Networking
    • Outdoor Industry
    • Strategy
    • Outdoor Recreation
    • Environment
    • Tourism

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